House, Pet, and Farm Sitting

Rely on us for your Pet and Housesitting needs In the Quincy IL & Hannibal MO areas

House Services Include:

  • Home Check-In
  • Front Door Deliveries
  • Watering Plants
  • Collect Mail
  • Turn Lights On/Off
  • Home Wellness Walk Through

Trust us to take care of your home when you call 217-779-2045.

Pet and Farm Sitting

We LOVE animals and are experienced but not just limited to dogs and cats but also with equine, livestock, poultry and more. We are respectful to creatures great and small and like us, our pets are part of our family.

We have horses of our own, raised and trained German Shepherds in obedience and schutzhund, indoor and outdoor barn cats, have owned and have experience with exotic birds, so we can say confidently, we do have a well rounded knowledge of what their needs are and what to watch for while you are away.

We also understand separation anxiety and while your away we will do our very BEST to make sure your pet feels all will be well and give them hugs and attention.

Visitations are customized to your pets needs. We offer STELLAR Care and Service for your pet because we understand, not all dogs or cats can acclimate to a boarding kennel or someone else's home. If you want the best for your pet then the next step is a Meet & Greet.

At the Meet and Greet we go over prices, what we do and don't do. Length of visit, food amount and how often, water schedule, walks, playtime and more. We will gather pertinent information regarding your pet, what to do in case of an emergency and offer updates daily if you would like.

Pet Sitting Includes:

  • Food & Fresh Water
  • Walks/Playtime
  • Brushing
  • Pup-poo removal
  • Medicine if needed

Farm Sitting Includes:
  • Chores
  • Stalls (Additional charges applied)
  • Feed and Fresh Water
  • Medicine if needed

Can include mail pick up and home wellness check if desired.

Miles surcharge over 12 miles

Call or text us today for your pet and/or farm sitting needs.

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